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Group and Private Yoga classes in Warrington

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, all weekly in-person classes are currently on hold. However, I’m pleased to be able to offer live classes with me online using Zoom. Head over to the Online Yoga Classes Page for more details.

Yoga is a practice which is perfectly designed to help you (yes, ‘even you’) with every day life.


Yoga postures (known as asana) will build strength and flexibility in your body and as you mindfully move through class you will build mobility and stability in your joints. Not only that, Yoga will quieten your busy mind with gentle breathing practices, meditations and relaxations which help to lower stress levels, build concentration and improve sleep.

All this so that you don’t just survive every day, you can thrive everyday.

And the best bit… anyone can do yoga…even you!

Want to know more about when and where you can join a class, the class timetable has all the details.

If you are wondering what the teacher is like – read all about me here.

Feeling stressed or anxious?

If you often feel stressed or anxious with life, maybe you’re tired of running around from one place to the next and are craving a regular time that’s just for you, to come back to the real you, then why not join me at one of the classes I offer in and around Warrington?

Think you’re not flexible enough?

No matter what your starting point is, Yoga will help you to build flexibility, it will also help you to become stronger and have more balance, and it’s a combination of these three elements that we’ll work on in our classes.

Feeling apprehensive and wondering what to expect?

I felt exactly the same at my very first yoga class. But, don’t worry, two of the basic principles of Yoga are non-harm and non-judgement. Each class is your class, you can work at your own level according to how you feel that day. Some days you might nail a super strong Warrior pose and other days you might want to be still on your mat and just breathe. And that’s the beauty of Yoga, it’s like a good friend, it’ll be there with you no matter what.

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