Going Plastic Free with Mere and Meadow

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Trying to be as friendly to our environment and going as plastic free as possible is definitely a passion of mine which it why it’s an absolute pleasure to team up with Maddy from Mere and Meadow.

Maddy has been a regular at my weekly classes for a while and back in April she decided to set up her own Warrington based plastic free business, offering a range of plastic-free and zero waste home and body eco swaps. And as this month is Plastic Free July We think it’s perfect timing to take the challenge and cut out single-use plastic. To celebrate this Mere are Meadow are offering Even You Yoga students 10% off one order from our range of plastic free and zero waste home and body eco-swaps* in July. Simply apply the coupon code EVENYOUYOGA to the cart at checkout. We especially love lighting a natural soy candle from our Run With Wolves range during Savasana, Yoga Nidra and other restorative practices.

Plastic Free WarringtonMere & Meadow’s plastic free living tips

Introduce changes slowly – it’s not all or nothing

When going plastic free start by using up what you have first and then when you notice you are running low on a particular item, start to find an alternative that will work for you and have it ready for when you need it. Like all new habits, taking things slowly makes the changes much more manageable and, before you know it, you’ll have a whole host of plastic free swaps in your home.

Share your swaps with others – start conversations

A recent study in Australia revealed that one of the biggest motivators for people to avoid single use plastics was actually knowing that others were avoiding them too! When you tell others about what you are doing you will be surprised by how quickly avoidance can become normal, or how many of your friends and family have been considering doing it too and just need a little guidance and support.

Enjoy the process – bask in the warm glow

Just like the energising feeling of satisfaction, achievement and motivation you experience after a yoga class, making conscious decisions to make changes that have a more positive impact on the planet will leave you feeling good. And it should. No matter how small, or how many times you may feel like you are taking a backward step, each time you make a sustainable choice take a moment to appreciate the difference one person can make.

Getting Started Remember, we can all start a journey towards plastic free progress, rather than plastic free perfection. You may be surprised to find that making these changes will have a positive influence on your creativity, health and wellbeing. Head over to Mere and Meadow now and support a fellow local business as well as doing your bit for our planet. *Excluding refillable liquid products.