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I first tried yoga in my early 20’s and you know what?
I just didn’t get it!

I wasn’t ready…
At the time my life was hectic, building a career in marketing. I enjoyed (and still do) energetic activities at the gym like aerobics and boxercise, so the thought of moving more slowly, relaxing and being quiet just didn’t suit me.

When I look back, it was probably what I needed the most.

A couple of years later and after a few fairly big (and difficult) changes in my life, I had a feeling of “there must be more to life.”

I wanted to know more about how to find peace and manage the stress of everyday life. I wanted to feel less uptight, less fed up and more like myself again.
So I joined a weekly philosophy group (which I still attend) where I learnt to meditate and this eventually led me back to yoga.

Over the last few years, Yoga has become my sanctuary. And yes, I know that sounds like fluffy yoga language, but it’s honestly the truth.


Yoga Gold

Through practicing yoga, I feel more in touch with “the real Hollie” or my true self.
I’ve developed more confidence in myself, particularly around my own self-image and I’ve learnt to deal with stress in a much more positive way.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m human just like you, which means I’m not immune to what life throws at me.

But that’s what I love about yoga because, the yoga I’m talking about isn’t about bending into all kinds of crazy shapes, it’s about a practice that helps me (and it can help you) deal with the ups and downs of every day life.

I’m talking about how yoga has helped me at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon, when my boss is nagging me, my inbox has gone crazy and I’ve still not eaten my lunch!
Yoga doesn’t remove all of that but it 100% helps me to deal with that situation, in the most positive way I can so that I either learn from it or let it go.

And THAT, is Yoga Gold.


About Me Reverse WarriorMy Creds

I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for around ten years and, I’ve been very fortunate to have studied with a number of wonderful UK-based and international teachers.

In 2014, I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course One with Jackie Quayle and in December 2017 I qualified with a 500-hour British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in Teaching with Rosemary ‘Prema’ Bennett and I still attend regular classes with both Jackie and Rosemary.

I have also studied with the fantastic Sarah Ramsden and have recently completed Sarah’s 60-hour Functional Anatomy course.

I’ve also attended workshops with amazing teachers such as Jason Crandell, Callie Meakin, Peter Yates, Lesley Dyke and Peter Blackaby to name just a few and to feed my love of philosophy I also attend a regular philosophy discussion group.

Off the mat…I’m married to my best friend, Mat who pops up at my classes every now and again.

I’m trained to Post-Graduate level in Marketing and have worked at a senior level in Sport, Leisure and Entertainment Marketing for over 12-years.

I love to travel, especially to the mountains, there’s nothing better than lacing up those hiking boots and getting out into the hills.  I love food, a good Netflix or Podcast series and a good strong cup of tea.


Anyone can do yoga

It’s the truth, anyone can do yoga, even you. And my approach is about delivering a practice that helps you to have your own experience of yoga; an opportunity to slow down and get more in touch with your true self and thrive in everyday life.

So why not get in touch and come along to one of my yoga classes in Warrington.
I’d love to meet you.


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