Making the most of your online Yoga class

Being in an online yoga class is a different experience to being physically present with a teacher in a group setting. You may be attending remotely because it is not possible to physically attend your regular local class, or you may attend a remote class because it offers the opportunity to work with a teacher who ordinarily lives too far away for you to attend regularly.

Following these guidelines will enable you to maximise your experience of remote sessions and, in live streamed classes, to connect with the teacher and your group, albeit virtually.

  1. If you are new to the technology, allow 15 mins prior to the session to enable you to get set up properly, be comfortable and in the right place.
  • Close all other web browsers and data heavy applications so that your internet connection is secure and stable, and you minimize any drop in signal.
  • Mute alerts on your device you are using for the session.
  • If you are in a live streamed secure session arrange your screen so that your teacher can see as much of you as possible and then you won’t have to keep moving the screen or adjusting yourself. You will probably need to be a minimum of 6 feet away from your device.
  • Think about connecting your laptop to your TV via an HDMI cable to give you a bigger screen. If you want to do this, have a trial run beforehand to make sure you can do it easily on the day.
  • Dress as you would if you were attending a face to face yoga class. This will eliminate the possibility of any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Remember, in a live streamed secure session other people in the class may be able to see you on their screens.
  • Make sure you have plenty of room to move your arms and legs and that the space around you is clear and safe.
  • Opting for gallery view will bring images of all participants onto your screen and you will have more of the experience of a group class. However, the downside of this is that the image of your teacher will be smaller. To ensure the teacher remains on screen throughout you can choose to “pin speaker.”
  • All participants in the class will be “muted” in order to reduce background noise and distractions during the practice. However should you have any questions you can use the chat functionality which your teacher has access to or ask questions directly to your tutor at the start or end of each class.
  1. Be aware that once you have joined the class unless you have chosen to ‘mute’ yourself everyone will be able to hear when you speak, so take care to only say things that you would be happy for everyone else to hear.

Laugh – it’s a new experience so don’t worry about being perfect. Be human, be authentic, be you and enjoy!